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How many years since you found yourself

staring at an endless sky?

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Name:Ashe Avirveth
Birthdate:Feb 13

You live within the sense
Of the order of things
What is truth
What is important
What defines you
(VNV Nation, Endless Skies)

Me: I'm Ashe, a shy and somewhat strange genderfluid person who lives halfway with my head in the clouds, but still tends to the pragmatic. Sometimes. I'm gentle and easygoing, but I'm hardly a bleeding heart. People, spirituality, nature and meditation interest me. Life as a whole intrigues me. I'm generally quiet, but not antisocial.

I'm a chocoholic; a music lover; somewhat of a loner; young at heart; fond of shiny things; rather solemn; affectionate and easily attached to people once I get close; and really rather private until then.

I'm also a member of a multiple system ([personal profile] house_fidelis). At first I was the shy fellow hiding at the back, but as I seem to be fronting more, I find I am happy to converse more and live my life a tad more openly.

Here: I imagine this journal will be part introspection, part self-discovery, part randomness and part daily life posts.

You: I'm open to adding those who are open minded about multiplicity and otherkin, don't mind a touch of "woo", and are capable of following basic rules of confidentiality, and respect. I get on best with similarly gentle and easy going folks ♥

Adds:Please comment on my friends only post first to let me know who you are if you wish to be added. If I already read another member of your system of course, there is no need to comment - just go right ahead and add me.

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